Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a trait that is an integral part of our organization. We make good healthcare affordable and accessible to the marginalized communities and society at large. With active fieldwork, dedicated research and recognition of the efforts of those who work behind the scenes to combat illness and disease, we help as many people as we can to ensure their right to good health.

Women’s health, education and environment in rural areas are our prime focus. We truly believe in the thought:

“If you want to know how strong a country’s health system is, look at the well-being of its mothers.”

Our organization is supporting primary and preventive healthcare in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. The projects initiated are towards education of cervix and breast cancer.

With the belief that we are an important organ of society, we act as responsible citizens as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility based on four pillars, to make a positive difference to:

  • Our People
  • The Environment
  • Governance
  • The Local Community